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Biodegradable glitter in a biodegradable pot.

About LOOMI® Biodegradable glitter

A Biodegradable Pot

What's so special about our packaging? Nothing; and that's the point.  It's not hi-tech and there is no window to see inside.  It is not the usual way, but it is 100% biodegradable and made from recycled materials.


Long Life

LOOMI can be stored indefinitely in its pot, as there is no light getting in.  Instead of a window to the contents, we put a biodegradable glitter-splodge on the lid as a guide to what's inside.

Vegan & Not Tested On Animals

No animal products are used and no animals were tested on, to produce any of the components that make LOOMI.

Plant Based

LOOMI is made using plant cellulose, which returns to the ecosystem rapidly.


LOOMI will biodegrade by 89% in 45 days in a home compost environment.

Reuse, Recycle

With your purchase of LOOMI your action is 'Reduce', (thank you).  If you like your LOOMI pot, please try to reuse it for something, and one day recycle it.

No-Litter Eco-Glitter

What's going on then?

LOOMI is an environmental brand brought about by necessity, with a heart for active campaigning towards a sustainable future, for animal welfare and for human rights and equality.  

Would you like LOOMI to be a sparkly part of your campaign? Then please get in touch.

Wholesale and Vendor opportunities are coming, though you may find LOOMI in a few shops around North Norfolk; we are having a trial run.   If you would like to be among the first to retail/vend LOOMI, please complete the contact us form, we look forward to being able to serve you soon.

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